Pro Tip: Person of the Year

Pro Tip: Person of the Year
Thursday — January 19th, 2012

If you’re typing up your one-page CV and your most impressive qualification is “familiar with Web 2.0 and C-pound”, pad it out by mentioning that, oh, You were the most influential person in 2006. If they inquire skeptically, come clean and then you and the interviewer can share a chuckle. On the other hand, if they totally believe you and are gobsmacked, say “excuse me, I have to attend an intergalactic peace conference”, and then jump out the nearest window (also, bring a parachute).

– Alex


  1. Danny

    At the that height, it won’t deploy in time.

  2. Alex

    Well, if the window can open, it’s probably on the ground floor already. The parachute is just for show.

  3. satori

    Hmm, I’ll probably just bring some rope and rappel quickly lol XD

  4. Danny

    Or those gloves from mission impossible.

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