Pro Tip: Avoid Arrow To The Knee

Pro Tip: Avoid Arrow To The Knee
Tuesday — December 13th, 2011

I’m addicted to this song:
Rameses B – Skyrim In The Knee (FREE) by Rameses B

Wanted to change my ring tone to a guard, saying this but I can’t… thanks Apple for taking away a basic function of the phone.


  1. taki314

    @danny, Actually, you can load custom ringtones to an iPhone. Just edit your audio, convert it to an ACC, copy and rename it with a .m4r extension, re-import and sync.

    I had to tell itunes to sync tones as well, but it works. ^^

  2. danny

    Thanks for the tip Taki. I just can’t be bothered with doing all those steps right now :P

  3. satori

    Somehow, the arrow to the knee meme is overused these days, lol – though yeah, I guess knee pads would do a lot good to everyone XD

  4. Danny

    Alex was just staying that this morning, you guys are so on the same wave length. I’m sure this will pass, like “Do a barrel roll”.

  5. eyeonus

    This is one of many reasons why Androids are better. How do you change your ringtone on an Android: Step 1) Find mp3. Step 2) Put mp3 on phone. Step 3) Choose mp3.

    (This process also works with AAC, AAC+, enhanced AAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MIDI, Vorbis, or PCM/WAVE.)

  6. Danny

    Totally agree with you. Looking at the instructions Taki sent, made my eyes tired.

  7. taki314

    @Danny, it’s not that hard. Plus, my French teacher told me “there’s an app for that.” I just prefer the long and manual way ‘cuz I’m a Linux dork.

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