Preemptive Garbage Collection

Preemptive Garbage Collection
Saturday — August 13th, 2011

I just wanted to get trashed the other day. So I message my friend Brian, over gmail about it. He then goes on to give me Eugine’s computer science definition of trashed. As I was already tired of coding all week, and he clearly knew what I was talking about, I simply said FU*K YOU in the chat.

I shared this comic idea with Alex, and he didn’t like it originally. He felt that it was overly mean. After I explained the situation in which it came about, he was on board. We added the third panel to give a little more depth into the character of Eugine.

There is a time and place for everything, including bad CS jokes. But definitely not when I want to get TRASHED.

Every once in a while, my mind get overloaded with through. I tend to want to get TRASHED a that point. I must admit these binges have been very bad for my health, and ER is no stranger to me. But hey that’s what Engineers do. They drink rum straight! The need for these trashing have become less frequent, as I’ve discovered that writing all of my thoughts down in physical form helps clear my head. David Allen my liver thanks you!.



I never really got into the whole “drown your sorrows” thing that everyone seems to have. Like, everyone. At school and at work. Maybe shooting people in the head works for me instead (like, in a video game (although maybe it’ll also work in real life, let me check (nope))).

In other news, Touhou 13 – Ten Desires has been released! And, I guess that means it’s Comiket this weekend! Wow, another Comiket, huh. Sometimes the grains of sand in the hourglass of life drain at a lurid rate. Excuse me while I scramble under my covers and scream for help, impressing into myself that my best years have past without me doing anything with myself.*

– Alex

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    are you getting the touhou game thou?

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