PAX East 2010

PAX East 2010
Tuesday — March 30th, 2010

They have succeeded in bringing the spirit of PAX prime to the east. For me PAX east wasn’t as specially as PAX prime. Not because of the lack of swag, booth babes or notable games. It is because nothing beats that magical “first time” PAX experience. I didn’t try to cramming every single event into my day, nor was I grabbing as much loot as Alex could carry. That is because I knew true reason why PAX is so great. It is great because of all the games you can play with your friends, and the space they give you to do so.

PAX lets you and your friends play exotic table top games like “pandemic“, “lunch money“, and “we didn’t play test this game“. PAX lets you have a 4 player L4D2 game until your too tired to play. PAX lets you buy that 1000 card box of Magic cards for 20 bucks, gives you a room to sit, sort and play against your friends who also caved and bought boxes of their own. PAX is the place where you share your joy of gaming with your friends. PAX is home for gamers.


Back from PAX

I’m back from PAX, and I bring DSi quality pictures. (Danny and my friends have taken better quality pictures.) I’m looking through my photos right now, trying to piece together what happened (just like that guy in Memento).

One highlight of PAX was the PA Q&A. The best part for me was when some guy tried to play a text adventure game as his question (“Action Castle”). Jerry was all stoked for it, but Mike looked very confused
playing it. Mike started being all funny angry and say stuff like “What the fuck do you want from me?!” “I don’t like you, why are you yelling at me?” “I don’t go to your fucking house and yell at you! ‘What the fuck do you want to do with the fishing pole, asshole?’”

We also played some tabletop games. Pandemic was fun; very entertaining, once we worked out how the rules worked. I like those sort of games, because there’s no anger at other people and subsequently no punching afterwards. We tried to play a World of Warcraft board game, but the manual was forty-something pages and in our sleep-addled state we couldn’t be arsed to figure out how to play. We also played some Lunch Money, which I purchased afterwards.

I also bought a thousand Magic cards for twenty bucks. The swag bag came with a thirty-card starter, so I ended up lugging 1030 cards home. Yay.


P.S. Sorry, no comic today. Tired/sick from travelling, and my legs hurt. =/

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