Saturday — July 25th, 2009

The “PATH” is truly an amazing feature of Toronto. I never really appreciated this urban marvel until I had to do a project for Marketing Geography (great course BTW), in which we had to analyze the stores from a section of PATH. The PATH stretches for 27 km, and has over a 1000 shops. If you’re new to Toronto, I highly suggest you take a stroll during the afternoon, for more details check out


Path Logical

When I got my job downtown, I was kind of surprised to learn there was a vast underground network of walkable tunnels underneath the city. It sounds so outlandish. It is a good thing that they keep the molemen population in check, though, because that would put a damper on tourism.

– Alex


  1. David

    I only have one gripe with the PATH. It’s utterly unnavigable. There should be clear maps at *every* single intersection or fork, telling you exactly where you are, and what you are relative to surface level. The PATH is great in theory, but terrible in practise!

  2. Misoski

    It seems so awesome on discovery channel :3 To avoid the awesome weather there.

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