Painting With Friends

Painting With Friends
Sunday — September 18th, 2011

People I know are starting to buy their own places now. Makes me think about redecorating my condo, to make it look more classy. But before the decoration can begin I have to remove the clutter I’ve accumulated.

I have an issue of not throwing out cardboard. For some reason I keep thinking I need to hold on to it, just in case. I finally reveal this issue to my mom the other day. And she basically said to me, danny people hord things of value, why are you holding on to something you can find laying on the street. (This phrase flowed much better in cantonese)

So for a few weeks now I’ve been throwing out one piece of cardboard everyday before work.

This has been working out great, except we have a really ghetto system in my building. In order to throw large items out, we have to take the elevator to GR, ground rear, but only 1 of 3 elevators has this button.

In addition, that elevator is the moving elevator so it is often occupied. Normally on weekdays, we can go around the building to the loading garage and buzz in. But on most days they refuse to open the loading room, so you have to go through the mail room, and climb over the fence. They’ve placed 2 buckets on either side of the fence to help you over.

For a fancy downtown condo WTF is going on here.


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