One Power To Rule Them All

One Power To Rule Them All
Thursday — July 22nd, 2010

I’m almost done making my robotic knocker. This bad boy will wait for knock request over the internet, and tweet about them once the knock has been physically performed. I had to use soldering, my shitty circuit knowledge, arduino board programming, php, mysql and python to get this project off the ground. To finish I still need to finish the iphone app and polish my shitty server side authentication code and make the damn website.

Total time spent working on the project 8 hours. Total time spent making a team, trying to get them motivated to work on a crazy idea and ending up having to do the damn thing myself, 2 years.

Note about the comic, I was inspired by this commercial, which I’m sure you have seen, if you haven’t your in for a treat.

Alex is on vacation right now, but he’s a pro, and still draws comics, unlike some japanese manga writers…


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