New Love Plus/Minus

New Love Plus/Minus
Thursday — February 9th, 2012

‘Sup guys. Have you heard of Love Plus? Or the hilariously titled Love Plus+? Yeah, there’s a 3DS version coming out on Valentines day. Cruel destiny or clever marketing ploy? You decide.

I’ve never played the games myself, and I’m pretty sure they’ll never be released outside of Japan. This game’s sorta brought out as another exhibit in the “Japan so crazy” trial. For example, you hear ’bout that guy who married one of the girls? Tim Rogers, a fascinating but poorly edited columnist, also wrote about Love Plus and making friends with video games.

If you want to play the game (and don’t know Japanese), there’s a fan translation available. If you want to Learn the Manga way, there’s actually a series of books in that vein, such as The Manga Guide to Databases and The Manga Guide to Regression Analysis.

– Alex

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