New Canadian 100 Dollar Bill

New Canadian 100 Dollar Bill
Tuesday — November 29th, 2011

My mentor showed me this about 3 months ago, I was excited about it then, and I’m excited about it now! This video is how you really check the bill:

Now when I say I’m paying with plastic, things are going to get confusing.


  1. Jermaine Mintuck

    I just got one from my brother to buy gifts with for my parents. My bro showed me the bill before giving it to me. I nearly DIED when I saw it. So futuristic. I cannot believe Canada’s money technologies. So different from USA bills and colorfully, and should I say clearly so…

  2. danny


    Yeah Canada is totally catching up in the technology sector :D

  3. JackXD

    Wow… Watching the vid made me burn all the money in my wallet… Unfortunately I only had coins, so it took a while.

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