Needs of the Many

Needs of the Many
Thursday — October 27th, 2011

Here in Toronto, members of the “Ford nation” fight the “war against cars” by hating streetcars as much as possible. Myself, I like streetcars. They block off lanes of traffic at stops, but downtown traffic is stop-go anyways. Irregardless, a streetcar has dozens of people in it, while a car is likely to have only one.

Anyways, the big news happening in Toronto is our mayor calling 911 when ambushed by comedians in the morning. Hilarity ensues.

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  1. Danny

    All hail king FORD!

  2. Winnie

    DOWN WITH STREETCARS!!! They are built on the wrong lane of the road as they block all traffic. The stop should be either an island on the middle of the street or the streetcars should be on the right lane! I actually read an article that they were considering using the ski lift things for public transportation. Supposedly it’s working very well in some South American developing nation.

  3. Mayhem

    oh don’t forget to mention that according to Ford, streetcars CAUSE polution.

  4. taki314

    Well, I agree with the problem of having them in the left lane, but how would they turn left without awkwardly crossing other lanes of traffic?

  5. Danny

    I like the ski lift idea, but it will be hard to keep tension on long lines.

    He’s the f*ing Mayor of Toronto, he can make it rain upwards.

    Good point, didn’t think about the turning radius. That’s why we need to remove them completely :P

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