My Kingdom For A Compatiable Phone

My Kingdom For A Compatiable Phone
Thursday — August 20th, 2009

Alex and I got our act together last weekend, and got an Android application together, for the android contest. It’s no where near finished, but when it is, we’ll let you know. The title is in reference to the ridiculous cost of android phones with out contract. It’s hard to test GPS on a simulator.

I’ve been really burned out lately contracting. What I thought was going to be a simple task, has ended up consuming a lot of my mental energy. This is always a danger, when the next task in a project is unclear making action difficult. The project seems to be and giant blob that eats away at your mind.


The Artist Can Also Write Text

So I broke my DS last weekend (the day after doing some Hero Mode development). I was fixing a cracked hinge; I was supergluing it back together, but I thought I’d open it up to make sure the hinge doesn’t end up welding shut entirely.

After I reassembled it, I had thought I had completely bricked it; it only started up for a fraction of a second before dying. Turns out I had reconnected the top-screen assembly wrong (in retrospect, I shouldn’t have disconnected that anyways). After some more fiddling, I got the DS working again. I was all ready to enjoy my hard work when I found out that the touch screen part was detecting any touches. I must’ve broke the touch screen ribbon cable at some point in my mad dash to unbrick the DS.

It’s a lesson about not trying to repair modern consumer electronics. Currently, I can only play non-touch games. I’m still thinking about opening it up again to re-seat the connectors, but I fear that I’m going to break something else. I’m in the market for a DSi now =\

– Alex

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