Moving Your Desk

Moving Your Desk
Thursday — May 6th, 2010

Recently, the company decided that the engineering teams needed to sit closer together. We were to vacate our current pod like desk, and move to new long lines of desk near the middle of the building. They claimed that the move was to give our internal groups and other departments space to grow.

At first I was strongly opposed to the move. I liked where I was sitting, and the people around me. And the new seating area looked more like factory benches then desk. Some of my coworkers even nick named the new area “the troughs”. The new desk would have no privacy as there was no dividers between each seat. My main concern was that my monitor was in plain view, making my “research” much more difficult to conduct.

It has now been 2 days since the move, and to be honest, I’m actually liking my seat. I like the fact that everyone is sitting a lot closer, which makes the job feel a lot less isolated as there are tons of interesting conversations sparking up all around me.

The conclusion is that change can be hard, but change can also be good.


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