Moving Anxiety

Moving Anxiety
Tuesday — July 24th, 2012

Finally moved out of my apartment. I am officially homeless.

Can’t believe the amount of crap I have accumulated over the last 2 years. I vow to buy less crap from now on, I shall only buy things that are necessary.

I made the mistake of asking my parents to come help me pack up my stuff, and they drove me nuts. I thought it be faster, but I discovered that can’t stand it when people move my stuff around as I mentally catalog everything. Once the object is no longer where I cataloged it to be, I go bat shit over my wasted memory.

Being officially homeless has its drawbacks. I’m crashing at 3 different places now. Each has their own house rules, so I’m not really getting quality rest. The worst of the places is my dad’s place. He has crazy rules like no noise after 9pm. The side effect of sleeping at 9pm is waking up at 5am.

7 more days until I leave for Hong Kong. Wonder if I will survive until then.


  1. Geoff

    “Does Danny really have a box of lightsaber and another of fleshlights?” “No, he doesn’t really have a box of lightsaber handles” “Good to know, thanks Alex.”

  2. Geoff

    No, I didn’t know you never banned anyone from commenting here, why do you ask?

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