Monogamy vs Polygamy

Monogamy vs Polygamy
Friday — January 28th, 2011

Shortly after getting this comic out, we have solid proof that polygamy doesn’t work. One of the richest men in the world, has like 4 wives, now they are all fighting over his fortune.

Honestly, I can’t feel sorry for him. He’s like 89, has 17 kids and is a billionaire. Goes to show money can’t really buy you happiness.



  1. JackXD

    Oh those rarely rich Chinese people, what would we do without them? Except, well, you know. Pollution. Poverty. Undermining human rights. All that stuff, just gone.
    Um, maybe not entirely. The best solution is just to erase everyone on the planet.

  2. danny

    There are a lot of rich Chinese people. He’s also technically from Macau. As for erasing everyone from the planet, it would be a lonely place.

  3. Jan-Willem

    Hmm, well, if that’s proof polygamy doesn’t work, then certainly divorce (and custody fights) must be proof monogamy doesn’t work. So what options are left then?

    As for the comic. Perhaps one’s chances of finding a mate would be improved if she didn’t have to settle for just one. If you can have several, it takes the pressure off having to make an optimal singular choice.

  4. JackXD

    @danny Yes, maybe, but how many Chinese people are there in general? Now compare that number to the amount of rich Chinese people. Seems pretty small to me. Oh, and the planet would be lonely for who?

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