Memcached Story Part 8

Memcached Story Part 8
Tuesday — July 26th, 2011

Apparently many of you find this Memcached story is confusing.

As an overview, this mini arc is about a fabulous piece of software, which helps the internet (including great products like farmville) feel really fast.

That is why it matters.

We have one more comic in this arc, and it’s back to regularly schedule programming.

Missed the first session of 4th edition D&D today. I decided to roll a bard. Problem is rolling a character is so confusing. I did however found an awesome character generator here. The only issue is that there is no bard class, but they do have the other main hero types.

Bards are an interesting class, as most of their skills revolve around team buffs. I found myself putting all my attribute points into charisma and constitution, simply because all the skills rely heavily on the modifiers (ie, temp hit points, or more damage). My character now has 8 strength as a result, which results in a -1 to strength related actions. 18 in constitution and 18 in charisma (+4 modifies), half-elf for-the-win. Something doesn’t feel right about this. Could my character not hit the gym, take some creatine or steroids? I mean sure intelligence is a little harder to come by, but raw strength, there are pills for that.



  1. Brendan

    Try using the official Character Builder. It should have all the options, though only through 4th level unless you pay. Even if you don’t, it gives you a good base, and then you can level your character manually as you gain experience. I would recommend using the pregenerated stat collections for ability scores rather than using points. Its easier and results in a more balanced character.

  2. Brendan

    The default array is 16,14,13,12,11,10 (which you would assign to scores and then apply racial modifiers to).

  3. Danny

    That character generator must be behind the signup. I didn’t want to create a new account on the D&D site.

    I decided to go with the 22 point system.

  4. Alex

    Also, let me know what your character’s name is so I can prepare a bunch of insults and denigrating nicknames ahead of time.

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