Memcached Story Part 7

Memcached Story Part 7
Tuesday — July 19th, 2011

Another installment of the memcached story. Any feedback would be great, just leave a comment below. Alex and I are starting to wonder if you guys still read this :D

We are finally starting a new D&D campaign.

I’m thinking for returning as my rogue in the previous campaign, but I’m sure people will claim hacks. My rogue managed to roll natural 20′s on command. I ended up bypassing a boat load of traps and content thanks to my godly rolls. Dennis, our previous DM was furious! I think I’ll roll a bard this time, as I’ll be missing some of the session due to my acting class. As a bard I’ll provide comic relief without actually taking part in the heavy lifting.

Just watched “the King’s Speech“, wonderful movie. Really shows you the power of words.

Starting a new gig on Monday. It will be good to have some cash flow. Not giving up on the whole entrepreneur thing so don’t worry. Still working on it while making sure the bills are paid.



  1. dormando

    I’m reading, when I remember to check :) You should use the new logo! Though I’ll have to wait a week before getting a copy you could actually use.

  2. Brendan

    I’m still a loyal reader, though I have to admit the memcached story has me totally lost.

    New character please! Bard is fine if that is the direction you want to go. Mark O. was thinking about a rogue, so I think we already have the rogue covered (though he has not finalized that decision).

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