Memcached Story Part 1

Memcached Story Part 1
Tuesday — June 14th, 2011

I really enjoyed the story about memcached found here. I learn best through stories, especially one written as well as the link above. Alex and I will be trying to bring this story to life.

I ended up quitting my job, and for the past week I’ve been listening to audio books nonstop. I highly recommend John C. Maxwell books, he’s awesome.

I’ve been hacking on a beagleboard for the last 18 hours. The board failed to boot over and over again. Then I finally realized it was the power supply crapping out at the exact same spot each time.

Not having a job is really odd. I can see how resistance can destroy you, and that you must treat your time as a professional. I learned this lesson from the War of Art, and I respect resistance, as it can defeat me as easily as a drunk succumb to a drink. We must be ready for it each day, and treat each day as war.

Now that I have so much time, I’m going to finally get around to the revitalization of the website.


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