Mass Effects Romance

Mass Effects Romance
Tuesday — January 10th, 2012

Mass Effects 3 Release Date: Tuesday 06 March 2012.

Jeez why is this information at the bottom of the page on google.

I’m looking forward to kicking some more reaper ass. Problem is after clearing the game I feel so hollow. I can’t bring myself to grind it out in the vast galaxy aimlessly.

I screwed up my Mass Effects 2 game and as a result I wasn’t able to get the Kelly Chambers romance option. *SPOILERS* I didn’t end up leaving to save the crew right away. So by the time I got the the collector ship she was turned into human goo. I ended up playing the last 3 hours again just to get there in time to save her ass, but still didn’t get the romance option. I think my fling with Tali ruining my chances at a normal human relationship.

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  1. Winnie

    noted as virtual attempts at cheating O_O har har

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