Marketing Geography Be Damned

Marketing Geography Be Damned
Sunday — June 3rd, 2012

I took a marketing geography class in university. The lesson was keep a good distance from your competition and you will be a-okay.

Ironically the above rule does not apply in Hong Kong. They tend to clump shops of similar type together, i.e. the Golden Computer Shopping Arcade or Home Square.

I do see cases of that in Toronto, as we have the College Street computer store cluster, or Queen Street for fashion goods.

Clustering does save a bunch of time when you are shopping for a specific item. However it can become a pain in the butt when you have to travel to the “Computer Center” to get an iPhone charger.


  1. Bob

    It’s, “dog eat dog”, not “doggy-dog”.

  2. Alex

    Yeah, RJ has a thing for eggcorns. =D

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