Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia
Tuesday — May 11th, 2010

Mamma Mia puts the MUSIC in musical. I’ve seen quite a few musicals (lion king, sweeney todd, lord of the rings, etc) but this one takes the cake, it was polished, and the singing was phenomenal. I’ve taken music theater in high-school, and have been in a university level production, but Mamma Mia shows you how pros do it.

On the way into the theater, Winnie and I were stopped by a fellow carrying a giant video camera. He proceeded to ask me questions regarding the show, like if I had seen the show before, if I knew what it was about, if I knew ABBA songs. To which I replied, no, no, and sort of. He then asked me what ABBA songs I knew. At this point I turned to Winnie, who was just smiling politely completely unwilling to help me. Then I remember the name of the musical is also a song from ABBA. The vulture then asked me to sing a bit of Mamma Mia. Completely caught off guard the words and tune of the song escape me so I only manage a “Mamma Mia… something something…”. He chuckled, thanked me and told me to enjoy the show. At this point I had to fight back the urge to yell “TOBLENDER.COM”.

Turns out Winnie was playing mute simply because she was afraid of food being stuck in her teeth.



  1. winnie

    that… and i honestly couldn’t think of any ABBA songs LOL you think we were on tv? >____<

  2. JackXD

    How about The Phantom of the Opera movie? It was a very good musical.
    P.S. Sweeney Todd was awesome.

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