Lost: Series Finale (No Spoilers)

Lost: Series Finale (No Spoilers)
Tuesday — May 25th, 2010

Yup, everyone at work was all up ons talking about Lost‘s series finale. And, yes, I have never seen an episode of Lost. Here’s the series finale from the perspective of a non-viewer. Minor spoilers, I guess?

I feel like the last episode did not close all of the loose ends. I know Lost‘s reputation as some sort of mystery novel, like if you payed close enough attention, you could totally build your own magical island that everyone is interested in. However, there were no such instructions spilled during the ending. The only thing revealed is about the people, not about the history of the island.

So, some loose ends: What was that glowing thing in the cave? Who was that fat guy, and how did he get so fat after living on a deserted island for so long? Where did that airplane come from, and why didn’t they just all get on that plane and fly away in the first season? These are questions which will never be answered outside of slashfics.

– Alex ^.^()

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