Linux Commands Heard Out Of Context

Linux Commands Heard Out Of Context
Thursday — March 10th, 2011

Conversations out of context are funny. I was chatting with Alex about the comic on the streetcar and he pointed out, that I’m one of those jerks that talks on their cellphone in tightly packed public spaces. I reminded him I have little shame, and that we could talk about anything; even suggestive sounding *nix commands. I ended up saying a bunch of commands like “bang bang”, mount, finger him and unzip multiple times while coming up with this comic. It wasn’t so bad in the streetcar, but somehow in the well lit grocery store, I felt so dirty.

Also, streetcars piss me off. Today, the street car for one of the streets was blocked due to an accident. So they hard to route street cars from my main line. As a result, there was a queue of over 50 people at the streetcar stop waiting for the normal streetcar. Seeing this inefficiency I decided to walk. I get to King st. (the street with the blocked streetcar) and realized that there wouldn’t be any for a while so I walk. Then like 10 streetcars go by that are practically empty. WTF. PUT IN BUSES MILLER, I MEAN FORD.


I, For One, Like Streetcars

I like streetcars! They’re comfy and easy to wear! They’re classy, quiet, and don’t throw smog in your face.

We’ll have to fight to the death about this one day.

– Alex


  1. Martin

    Thanks for this nice comic. I didn’t know bang-bang up to now.

  2. ejes

    mountpoints are considered “clean” not zip files, which cannot be mounted also. finger is archaic and barely used.

  3. Vanetix

    Perhaps it was a archive of iso images he was trying to mount??

  4. Ray

    I caught myself telling someone to type “man mount” over the phone. It was a good laugh.

  5. Chris

    Dedicated rights-of-way help to prevent those kinds of incidents. Not 100% effective, but you can look to St Clair or Spadina for streetcar success. TTC does need to respond faster to problems, but I doubt they’ll get what they need to do that under Ford.

  6. risdiyanto

    nice comic,…

  7. Prescott Linux

    Have you ever “man man”‘ed? Try it sometime, it’s wild!

  8. Danny

    @Prescott Linux
    Does a black hole open up and swallow me whole?

  9. Ash

    eyes: you can unzip something, and than mount it. CD/DVD/BR iso image, whatever. I agree with finger, nobody uses finger nowadays :)

  10. AldaR

    @Ash: [quote]nobody uses finger nowadays[/quote] – nice one

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