Life Before The Internet

Life Before The Internet
Thursday — March 1st, 2012

I find myself committing less and less to memory. I feel that because I have google on my iphone, I can always just look things up when I need it. Though googling everything has become very convenient, I feel I am less willing to take chances on things. Resorting to “Let’s google this first” ever time I encounter something that needs to be done that is outside my normal activity. What to do when the drain is clogged? Where are the wings cheap tonight? Who is NPH?

I can see this becoming a problem in the long run. What if we all start googling everything before we do anything. Would this not take away the creativity or chances of making mistakes from our lives? To take this to the extreme, how are we ever going to come up with a new recipes for cooking if all we need to do is google for the answer?

I’m finding with so much content to consume, I’m resorting to reading only headlines or watching youtube videos. I don’t even play some games anymore as my attention span has gotten so sort, I would rather just go on youtube and look up lets play a game, the beginning bits and the final boss encounters. That way I get all the enjoyment story line without having to do the work. I mean who the heck has time to play “kingdom of amalur” when you can just watch it played for you and skip all the bs farming?

I feel the internet is ultimately good, as it allows ideas to be shared instantly. The only risk is would be if we become so dependent on it for general knowledge, we are reduced to banging rocks together when it is taken away suddenly. The other risk is it totally desensitizing us to real world experiences (like who the heck want to deal with travel when you can google maps everything).


  1. B.A. Bashington

    I’d say that’s the point where your personal interests kick in.
    If you’re interested in, say, drawing, you do, in fact, draw. While googletube may provide a couple of guides on how to achieve a certain effect, you can’t improve without actually doing it, right?
    If we assume that every field has some people interested in it, and the internet gets shut down, well, that’s basically back to the old days where people would exchange services according to their skills, would be my guess.

  2. GeoffO

    I thought you were kidding about the bikini “how to tie a tie”.. but . In fact there’s an entire website called “bikini how” where you can learn to do several thing from tying a tie, to tying a tie in a slightly different way. There’s also a few promotional videos. “How to level a couple of islands in the Pacific” surprisingly absent.

  3. Danny

    @B.A. Bashington
    True, I think we would survive, but would it be worth living in a world without cat videos?

    I just made bikini tie video instructions up on the spot. I guess the old saying is true. If you can think it, someone has already done it.

  4. Pete

    Excellent point. Even avoiding the looming question of what happens if you lose the internet, what exactly is our reliance upon technology doing to us? Because we as a people now don’t have to figure anything out or even use basic math skills are we gaining access to knowledge at the expense of skills?

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