Landlord Relations

Landlord Relations
Tuesday — May 4th, 2010

I recently moved into a new condo, and I’m beginning to find defects. Funny how you don’t realize something is wrong until you actually need it. This week alone, I have discovered 3 defects. My washing machine, would shoot water from the drainage pipe. My shower sounds like someones banging their head against the wall. And my washroom jacks didn’t work.

I ended up fixing the washing machine drainage issue with a rubber glove. I tied the glove to the end of the plastic feed from the washer, and jammed it really hard into the drainage pipe. Shortly after there were no more leaks.

As for the shower, the property inspector came, claimed that they need more parts before they can fix anything. The inspector then invites a plummer to take a look, plummer claims that a part is needed. Yesterday they show up, fiddle around with the water for 20 mins, and claims that they still need a part to fix the problem I’m having.

Finally the plug in the wash room wasn’t working for my hair dryer, but it turns out it just needed to be reset.
Regardless why did they have to make things so bad.


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