Justin Beaver

Justin Beaver
Saturday — February 5th, 2011

I personally like Justin Bieber, he’s a fellow Canadian so I give him AUTO RESPECT. I really don’t understand why there are so many haters. The kid is talented and his songs are catchy. The most common criticism of Bieber is that he “stupid” just look how he answers questions on TV. First of all he’s like 16, how expressive were you at that age? Also it’s pretty hard to be clever on live TV, he’s a singer not an actor.

Alex wanted to share this video with you all:


Tee hee.

Saying “Justin Beaver” tickles a part of my brain.

– Alex


  1. Rokwar

    I think I should feel bad that I got the SQL reference…

  2. Danny

    Don’t feel bad, this comic started the reference, http://xkcd.com/327/

  3. Rokwar

    And now I think I should feel even worse

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