Just As Planned

Just As Planned
Tuesday — January 11th, 2011

Here’s the first of the gag comics. Alex and I love Death Note, and really one of the most WTF moments is when the character Light has a “just as planned” moment at the end of a long convoluted plot.

Also I’m in the middle of redesigning the website here www.toblender.com/beta, it’s really rough, and I hate it, but please give some feedback on what you would like to see / not see.

We are in the process of talking with kickstarter.com to micro fund out next project “Throne”, which is going to EPIC. We’ll let you guys know more about that project in the coming weeks as Alex and I design the characters and the plot. Basically it’s loosely based on the board game Talisman, WHICH IS AWESOME. I’m thinking of borrowing elements from Avatar (the animated series).


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  1. JackXD

    I remember that part from Death Note. And that’s when I stopped reading it. Approximately. It was just too boring, and the fact that there’s an fing genius every time you turn a stone in Death Note just made it more silly. It’s probably just me, but I think that the world in the story is too unrealistic (I’m not counting the notebook that makes people die and that stuff, I’m talking about people that are supposed to be real). I find Until Death Do Us Part much more realistic and, well, exciting.
    BTW the new site looks much better than the old one, it has a certain amount of originality.

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