Inception Totem

Inception Totem
Tuesday — August 10th, 2010

Inception is the movie of the year. It is like having good 4 movies collide into a SUPER NOVA of an amazing movie that will rule them all. We are so having an inception comic arc so stay tuned.

Also I hate Starcraft 2, it is consuming ALL of my free time. So I have decided to stop playing for the rest of the month starting today. Of course I already made the same claim yesterday, but now I really mean it.


The Movie Was Cool

One thing about Inception is that it’s an original movie. It was a movie first, not a book, comic, song, or video game. Even though, I think it would be an awesome video game.

It has everything video gamey there: Different dreams as levels with interesting set pieces. There’s a nice risk/reward mechanic with redesigning the world versus attracting attention from projections. Also, plenty of beating up projections, guilt-free. Dying even kicks you out, so you can try again.

(The “dream as dungeon” mechanic has been done before. Alundra did it, and to a lesser extent Soul Blazer. I don’t think there’s a dream-withing-a-dream yet, though.)

– Alex

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