Inception Machine Explained

Inception Machine Explained
Thursday — August 12th, 2010

The movie Inception was missing a lot of detail, particularly that of how the dream machine really works. We’ve gone to the trouble of filling in the gaps for you above.

I’ve managed to go a whole day without playing Starcraft 2 yesterday. Sure I did end up watching my sick ass replay where I owned a Zerg player who rushed me with 30 Lings on my stoned in flank. I managed to get 2 hellions out and totally microed them all to death. At the end of the match, when I finally got my 4th hellion, the first 2 hellions had 35 kills each. The Zerg player just quit when I showed up at his base for payback.

I ended up having over 65 actions per min that game. I had to pull out my totem to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

I ended up playing today though, so I suck at keeping promises.


PASIV Device

According to the Internets, they spent $100 million dollars on advertising Inception. The film itself had a budget of $160 million. Advertisers, man.

But they produce cool stuff every now and then. Old Spice guy, the “I Am Canadian” beer commercial, and so forth. They also made a user’s guide to the Inception dream machine, which is apparently called the PASIV device:

– Alex

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