Ice Fishing is for Archers

Ice Fishing is for Archers
Thursday — December 15th, 2011

I met an artisan fisherman at work. To enlighten you on how amazing he is, last night he went fishing on a whim, and caught 25 fish in a few hours. Fifty is the sporting license limit in Ontario.

This guy has imported denser than lead lures from Russia. You know he’s hardcore when the he tells you how to mimic the prey of lake fish during this time of year. Due to the lack of minnow in the water during this time of year, the fish aren’t as active. They tend to target bugs as it is an energy efficient prey. This advanced Russian lure is small enough to look like such a bug. It is up to the fisherman to puppet master the lure to look like a bug in water. Move too quickly and the fish will give up chasing you. Move too slowly the fish will not even know your food.

I’ve asked Igor to take me on his next icing fishing adventure. He’s infected me with the quest to become a pro fisherman. Hope he remembers to call me. If he doesn’t remember, then to hell with him, I’ll go do it myself.

Ha. Ha. Very funny Alex, I’m sure there are words you know know… like revengence!

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