I Know Acting

I Know Acting
Tuesday — October 11th, 2011

Just finished a fantastic continuing education course at George Brown for acting. The teacher, Alan was amazing. He truly had a passion for acting, and he was able to infect me with this passion. The class taught me a lot about how to tap into my emotions, how to be emotionally naked in-front of people. It helped me get over this fake persona I’ve been wearing, to be more genuine to the people around me.

I was really into the course for a few weeks, until I found out Bryan, one of my classmates, was a successful computer software entrepreneur. At which point each class became a question Bryan about everything related to getting rich.

This really messed up my acting class learning, and as a result, my monologue really suffered as a result. Thankfully I had enough classes to learn the fundamentals before I let business mix with pleasure.

So the lesson is, don’t make friends during class, especially if you are paying for class.

P.S. Spent the entire weekend working on my Napoleon costume, it is going to be BOSS.

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