How To Give A Good Keynote

How To Give A Good Keynote
Saturday — February 6th, 2010

Anyone else going to get an iPad? I must admit, I wasn’t very interested in this device until I saw the keynote. I didn’t really watch the keynote live in video form, instead I huddled in front of the computer endlessly clicking the refresh button on the website. It was worth it to see that beautiful device show itself.

I swear the iPhone is a gateway drug.


The Man Knows How to Dance

I’m not a Mac fan, but I do appreciate Job’s ability to lock down its device and all of its media, yet still generate a frothing demand for shiny objects. Lifehacker had a post recently about delivering presentations like Steve Jobs, linking to some guy who has a raging Powerpoint for Steve Job’s presenting abilities.

Ballmer, however, is famous for throwing chairs, like a Donkey Kong of lawn furniture.

– Alex

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