How To Get Gamers: Exibit A, Evony Ad Campaign

How To Get Gamers: Exibit A, Evony Ad Campaign
Tuesday — July 28th, 2009

The above comic is something that actually happened for the Evony Ad campaign. I first noticed this game on and I watched the above ad campaign unfold, and was saddened by the state of things. Getting people to play your game is hard, heck getting people to read your free comic is hard *hint hint*. But at what point in your advertising campaign do you say, let’s bring in the “BIG GUNS”?


  1. Bruceongames

    There is a lot more wrong with Evony than just the advertising. I have written an article about some of the stuff here:

  2. WWWWolf

    And the funny thing is, Evony isn’t even an RPG. Everyone is just assuming it is, for some reason – and the ads certainly aren’t too informative. =)

  3. Sound advertising Advice

    Hilarious! The second panel needs a sword or other phallic symbol pointing towards her breasts. :)

  4. kozidoman

    Friggin’ hilarious! It’s gotten worse though – now she hasn’t even got the bra and she’s lying on some white bed. ‘Cept where do you go after that? Blatant full-frontal nudity? Or maybe she’ll have a gun or something completely unrelated to the game next.

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  6. Torch

    Kozidoman: TWO ‘princesses’. Oil wrestling.

  7. B. Ross Ashley

    Tried to play it. Went back to Wesnoth, thanks.

  8. drewbie

    incredibly true. I was chuckling before even reading the captions because I knew what was coming.

  9. van_maniac

    I agree and it is sad…..I actually saw these ads too!!!

  10. toad128

    the third picture is just across the line

  11. Mena

    You’d think men would be smart enough to figure out that this is all a ruse to get their $$$. Sadly, that is not the case.

  12. qubodup

    keep an eye out for Allods…

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