How To: Get Beer Cold, Now

How To: Get Beer Cold, Now
Saturday — December 5th, 2009

Some of the greatest inventions mankind has made trace its roots back to chilling beer.

A new LCBO (the liquor store, for all you non-Ontario peoples) opened up near our workplace downtown. Our company alone made more than five separate field trips to there to stock up for Friday afternoon drinking escapades. We’ve already had one incident with the staff on the morning of its grand opening, related to taking photographs, the legality of taking photographs, calling the cops, and legging it before cops arrived.

Danny didn’t put his beer in the office fridge, so he munged his fantastic contraption seen here (the one that isn’t a quantum hyperfridge). I suggested using the CO2 fire extinguisher, as I watched that Mythbusters episode about chilling beer, but everyone has already conditioned themselves to ignore every suggestion I make.

He might post his thoughts later about it; if you’re reading through RSS, you might want to check the site tomorrow.

– Alex

Cold is the Taste of Champions

I was quite happy that I was able to reuse those unnecessarily large protein jugs. I mean why the hell do you make them that big, and only fill it 75% of the way… it’s like a bag of chips…



  1. Magus

    I want one of those.

  2. taki314

    I’m guessing there’s some significance in 141.622272 km/h.

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