How About I’m Sorry?

How About I’m Sorry?
Thursday — January 14th, 2010

I’d like to apologies to everyone who were unable to access the website yesterday. I’ve been trying to transfer away from Netfirms, my most hated of hosting services. Unfortunately the hosting I transferred to seem equally incompetent. Not only did they make me wait for two months for the domain transfers, I also had to “delete” then re-add my domains to their service. As a result of deleting the domains I lost access to one of my domains.

The only bright side is that the customer support is pretty good. So good that they “RICK ROLLED” me while I was on hold.


Re: fluid catalytic cracking unit

It made shoes for orphans.

– Alex


  1. SilverDSlite

    Oh, I see you read TV tropes =D

  2. Chronologist

    Nice Portal reference. Double points for no cake reference.

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