Hopeless Without You

Hopeless Without You
Tuesday — February 17th, 2009

You never know how much you rely on something until you lose it. Turns out I don’t remember any of the phone numbers stored on my cellphone. Luckily I did remember one of them, and was able to construct a plan to get contact the person I actually did need to talk to. So from now on I’ll carry a list of numbers, or I’ll just remember one very important number… like 967-1111

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  1. MorphineMatt

    244-4444 KFC
    241-0241 Um.. Pizza Hut?
    Then reach into your wallet where you should have stored a folded, quarterly printout of the latest list of phone numbers from your photon-computer, GPS, iPhone, iPod, Lie Detector, EMP Pulse device.

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