Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010
Saturday — January 2nd, 2010

Hello everyone. Merry New Year 2010, year of the Metal Tiger.

To mark the new year, I have caught a cold and lost my tablet stylus. Today, I’m posting a drawing of Ada I made a few months ago. The name is inspired by the famous Ada Lovelace, which I learned last year is incredibly awesome.

– Alex ^.^()


  1. ylh

    Ah yes, Ada Lovelace. The lovely model for Microsoft’s authenticity hologram stickers.

  2. danny


    I’ve spent some time looking for it, but I couldn’t find an image of it. It’s like the dam holy grail, this is as close as I can get.


    Nice comic btw!!! Want to be a guest artist for us?



  3. ylh

    I actually have one of those stickers on an old CD. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it right now… It’ll probably turn up when I least expect it…

    Oh, that link seems broken, btw.

    Anyway, I’d love to do a guest comic. Send me the specs and I’ll try to come up with something mildly amusing ;)

  4. LoZCollector

    …Can I borrow that book when you’re done? o_o

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