Governments of the World: US Health Care Bill

Governments of the World: US Health Care Bill
Tuesday — March 23rd, 2010

Congratulations America, you finally have mandatory health care.   I must say I am surprised that the bill survived all the objections from the Republicans.  I see a bright future for the US.

On a side note, Alex and I are heading for PAX in Boston.   I’ll be wearing a TOBlender t-shirt with Perl and Ada on the back,  so if you see us please say hi, and give us your feedback on the comic.


Re: This comic

It’s actually more of a general view of government as viewed by someone who doesn’t really pay attention to politics, except for YouTube videos.

– Alex

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  1. taltamir

    mandatory healthcare was in the USA before. a hospital could not, by law, turn down a patient in an emergency.
    What changed is that now ALL americans must have nationalized health insurance. Before medicare (old people), medicaid (poor), and VA insurance (veteran soldiers) were all run by the government… and all deny more then twice as many procedures then any private care, cost more per person, and result in a beurocratic nightmare that leaves many wanding.

    Now everyone can enjoy sub-standard care that only the government can manage.

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