Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts
Thursday — September 22nd, 2011

Being apart of a startup that tried to bring a service like this to New York, I’m happy that we were on the right track. Organizing an outing is always a pain. People don’t follow RSVP etiquette and you are left over booking or under booking for reservations.

It’s almost as if we need a butler to automatically remind us of the right thing to do.

Jeeves: Sir, you have a dinner party in 3 days, do you wish to attend.
Me: I’m undecided, put me down for maybe.

Jeeves: I’m afraid that is not proper etiquette.
Me: What is this the 50′s who cares.

Jeeves: I’m not sure why you hired me in the first place sir.
Me: Because I like your accent, and having you around makes me feel like Batman.


Good News Everyone!

Google Hangouts is now out of invite-only beta and into open beta. All y’all who didn’t have enough friends to get an invite can get one yourself. There’s a few new features that are being rolled out too, like screen sharing and Google Docs integration. You can hangout with all of your robot friends, share your screen with no one in particular, and post interesting links into the ether.

– Alex

Sponsored Post: NET10 50 bucks for unlimited.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Another sponsored post from NET10.  This time they have an even better offer.  50 bucks for unlimited talk text and web!


Cute NET10 commercial


Unlimited plans are always the best, but I do find that once you have unlimited, you don’t really make use of all the potential.  An unlimited web plan would be great for checking sports stats and stocks on the go.  Or making a cool protocol that can control things around your house.  The other day I was actually trying to find a good web terminal application.  So I could code while on the road.  Not the best idea as I was on my way to wine country to taste wines and work should have been far from my mind.

Anyways back to the sponsor, they have great phone that can do internet for 40 bucks.  And just regular brick phones from 15 bucks.

Another bonus is the ability to switch plans as you need it.  Because to be honest not everyone can afford 50 bucks a month.  But if you find yourself in need for unlimited texting/calling in the coming month you can try it out.

Finally if you want to call me in Canada long distance is going to be 15 cents a minute.  So we’ll keep conversations short.


Real NET10 customer


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  1. guy

    you live in canada?

  2. danny

    Yep we do Guy.

  3. Alex

    How do you like the new site? I think it’s swell.

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