Google Drive

Google Drive
Wednesday — July 4th, 2012

Long time no post.

Totally fallen off the writing wagon. As a result Alex being the handsome and smart fellow that he is, has stepped in and fully authored and drew the above comic. What a good sport!

So I decided to pack up all my stuff and move to Asia for 5 months. This will be my longest time away from Toronto ever.

I really hate packing. I discovered the reason behind this hate in the book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength. This is the longest audio-book I’ve have listened to to-date.

The first 20 or so chapters of the book go over how willpower is finite, and must be conserved for major willpower burning activities such as making decisions. I finally found out that my Dad, had instilled a great deal of willpower reserves in me through the rigid childhood he prescribed me. Having a redundant and strict schedule increases willpower reserves, as does shaving every morning and using the GTD methodology.

As a result of my new found understanding of how I tick. I’ve decided to make a bet with Winnie, to post everyday until DEC 15th, or put 10 dollars in a jar for every missed post. Be it new comic ideas or just ranting. I will test the notion that writing everyday will make you better.

You can check out Winnie’s blog at

As for Google Drive. It will take over the jobs of many people, such as truckers, taxi cab drivers, and bus drivers. I have a feeling these professionals may not even know that this is the eventual outcome.



You forgot modest. Handsome and smart and modest.

– Alex

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