Git Vs SVN

Git Vs SVN
Wednesday — February 2nd, 2011

We made this migration a while ago company wide. It was a religion war. Most of the devs in the office hated the idea saying things like, “What’s wrong with SVN”. Honestly I was one of these people. All our build tools and infrastructure were based on SVN, to me this sounded like a massive waste of time to migrate everything to a new tool when everything was already working. What made the situation worst was that the change seemed to be coming from two dev groups in the company. So there was a lot of inter office conflict.

I think as devs we become attached to our tools. Basically we think we are smart enough to know what is best for ourselves. I would use the similar analogy to seeing a doctor. Sometimes I find myself thinking the doctor doesn’t always know what’s best for me because I think I know more about the topic of said disease. Which in some cases it maybe true and your doctor is incompetent. But I think theres a good chance they know what they are talking about considering most of their life is dedicated to the field of health. A similar analogy can be found in vaccinations. People refuse to get flu shoots or because of some rumor they heard.

I’m not saying we should stop thinking for ourselves and obey everything from everyone. I’m just saying keep an open mind. Try some stuff out. If it really doesn’t work for you then drop it.



  1. Techhead

    Is that a Lobster Johnson logo on the laptop?

  2. Boon

    Looks more like the pineapple logo

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