Gates Buffett Call

Gates Buffett Call
Tuesday — June 22nd, 2010

Recently Gates and Buffett held a conference urging billionaires to donate half their wealth to charity. Though I’m all for helping people out, I find it hard to believe anyone who has accumulated such massive wealth to simply hand over their bank accounts.

I can’t help but think about Gate’s buying out Homer Simpson.

Also checkout the podcast section, the latest POD cast is a real treat.

As for the book front, do you guys prefer Calvin and Hobbs style, where it’s just the comics and no chatter? Or would you like comic, hidden text below, and comments on the back?



You can read up on Warren Buffett’s pledge here. His argument is that even if he gave away 99% of his wealth, his day-to-day life would not change. Money that is doing nothing for him now can instead be used for charity. I think that’s a pretty good deal for everyone. He’s a really cool guy.

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