Games Within Games

Games Within Games
Thursday — January 21st, 2010

I’m feeling kind of bummed out because my kick-boxing gym closed down. Not only did I lose a months membership, but I also lost a great place with great people to workout with.

We take for granted how hard it is to start a successful business. We end up ragging on the big businesses, yet we forget that they all started out as a small business just trying to get by. Sure they may have grown to a bloated monster, but wouldn’t you be sad if McDonalds closed down forever? Think of all the jobs that McDonalds maintains.


Re: MikuMikuDance

Vocaloid is a Japanese voice synthesizer used for lyrics in songs and whatnot. Apparently some guy made a dynamic 3D renderer for the mascots (Hatsune Miku, et al.). Now you too can re-create famous Michael Jackson dance moves without busting a real-life hip. You can find other MikuMikuDance videos imported onto YouTube; this is my favourite so far.

I downloaded it and played around with it for a little bit; I got a thirty second clip of her moving her leg, and then blinking. That was time well spent.=p

If you want to try it yourself, here’s the download link:

– Alex

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  1. Ican'tthinkofanamerightnow

    YAY!!! finally a way for ppl to further detach themselves from the real world!

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