Games With Friends

Games With Friends
Tuesday — April 20th, 2010

I have trouble playing 1v1 in most games with friends. I believe the problem is that I don’t like to lose. To me it’s more then losing the game, it is losing respect from the other person as well. I find this especially hard to deal with when it comes to people I care about like friends and family. I was brought up with an emphasis on respect. I have a feeling this stems from the fact that I wasn’t allow to go out and play after school, to learn the lesson that losing is part of life. So I implore you, if you have children make sure you let go out and play after school.


Timmy, Johnny, and Spike

Although it’s not an exactly what’s in the comic, the guys at Magic: The Gathering have a design guideline. There’s three types of gamers they cater to:

  • Timmy (the Power Gamer, the bombastic one)
  • Johnny (the creative trickster, the stylish one)
  • Spike (the serious business one, wants to win tournaments at any cost)

I think these three aspects comprise all gamers, in a sort of Jungian archetypes which are in different quantities in different people. The lack of awareness about why other people play games, that causes stuff like the pro-vs-scrub conflict.

– Alex


  1. Keroko

    Heh, that scenario really does remind me of my gaming sessions.

    …. Waitaminute

    *blinks and stares at Perl*

    … Youmu? Is that you?

  2. Alex

    You win the spot-the-cosplay contest.

  3. guy

    i seen 4 comics that had touhou while reading up to today

    and also, this is the first western comic that i seen that had touhou

  4. Alex

    I’ve seen Touhou in one other comic:

    That, and a few Dan Kim comics. ( )

  5. guy

    but i honestly never seen japanese webcomic that has touhou… unless they had porn or ones in pivix

  6. kloudykat


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