Game Design Meetings Through The Ages

Game Design Meetings Through The Ages
Saturday — August 27th, 2011

The other day I was forced to sit at a makeshift table. This “table” was an arcade machine full of games from the 80′s.

The machine contained the game Galaga III. My friends and I decided to play a game, thinking how hard could it be?

I was blown away.

The game was not only complex (getting power-ups and funneling enemies), it was challenging as f**k. Needless to say we spent many a coin trying to beat each others high score.

It got me thinking about why they set the firing rate for the ship to 2 shots per screen. Alex felt it was a memory restriction, I thought it was brilliant game design. There is no reason it wasn’t both.

They should have a cafe with nothing but old school arcade machines. Too bad they closed down all the arcades in Toronto :(


Fun Fact:

Danny kept referring to this game as “Gattica“, which confused the hell out of me.

– Alex


  1. Winnie

    HAHA i like this one

  2. satori

    Lol yeah – breast jiggle has been over exaggerated these days to the point that it’s really closer to fiction. But oh well, it’s for the fanservice ^^”

    About Galaga though, I still play the game at times – I really like to get my two ships captured and recovered to get that triple-ship structure, but it’s kinda hard to maneuver after that lol.

  3. Danny


    I’ve seen a game that they let you adjust the jiggliness. I find it amazing that gamers would even notice that during play. I rarely see anything that jiggly in really life.

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