Tuesday — October 18th, 2011

- download drivers for new tablet
- tablet doesn’t draw lines, look to Google for answers
- answers include: re-install drivers, uninstall drivers, fiddle with hidden driver settings
- disassemble hardware, losing and/or damaging parts
- give up, settle for just using the eraser tip for drawing
- Photoshop refuses to recognize the eraser tip as anything other than the eraser tool, ignoring Wacom’s own configuration tool
- try using GIMP instead, find out it has no official Windows installation
- GIMP doesn’t have tools used in Photoshop; try installing plugins to cover the gap
- plugin tutorial is two years out of date, try anyways
- put plugin into system directory and restart GIMP; plugin not detected? no effects seen
- draw crappy picture using no-plugin GIMP
- confused how to export as JPEG; have to scroll down export list which includes other file types like “C source code” and shit
- tada

– Alex

That’s what happens when you buy kijiji

Tuesday — October 18th, 2011

The above happened because I bought a tablet off kijiji. I forgot the post mentioned that the pen was not working well. But when I demoed it, it worked fine. So now we have no new comic until the replacement pen I ordered comes in.

Thanks a lot Intuos.


  1. Brendan

    I say pencil and paper. Go analog.

  2. Danny


    Yeah we are going to do something like that.

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