Fiverr Everything

Fiverr Everything
Monday — June 18th, 2012

Lately I’ve been obsessed with fiverring everything I can for my start-up ideas.

My buddy Martin at Kytephone, used them to create a fantastic introduction video, showcasing their software.

I’m finally back in Toronto, after my 2.5 month tour of China / Hong Kong. I learnt a lot during this trip about business and the culture, but more importantly about myself. After living life at the pace of the CEO I was shadowing, coming back Toronto, feels very slow to me. I’m in the process of packing up all my things, and moving there for a few years. I just can’t get anything done in my apartment. It’s like a void for productivity. Martin introduced me to ING’s shared office space, also known as “network orange”. I’m tempted to go there if I can’t get any work done.

Officially, quitting my start-up PrintSites2Go. I’m sure my partners can take it to the next level without me.



I used this image for the YouTube video in the first panel. No, there was no YouTube user with that username.

– Alex


  1. Halconnen

    Holy crap. That Kytephone total-control-of-your-kid’s-social-sphere-movements-and-communication app is a total nightmare scenario come true. :|

    I wouldn’t want my own kids to ever get accustomed to living a zero-privacy total-surveillance life.

    I have no words for how ridiculous I think that is, and I’ll stop this comment here, before I start cussing like a madman.

  2. Halconnen

    I have no idea how that emoticon got into the above post.

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