Exam Nightmares

Exam Nightmares
Sunday — October 23rd, 2011

It’s been 3 years since I finished school, and I am still having exam nightmares. I managed to sustain some serious psychological damage while attending university.

I’ve never been very good at taking exams. I feel that no matter how much I study I don’t get the results I want. So I started not studying until the last minute to have my effort reflect my grades.

This extra time allowed for endless hours of manga reading and video game playing. The only way to survive engineering, mostly sane.

I find the biggest fear I have during these dreams is not arriving to the actual exam. I hate that the system puts so much emphasis on what you know on the spot. Often I go into exams with a decent mark, after the exams I end up with barely passing. Which really makes me doubt what I really know.

Turns out when you dream the logic center is off in your head. I find myself waking up saying why am I afraid of something stupid like not finding the room or being late? In these dreams I run around MacGyvering everything in-order to reach the goal. There are often teachers that I hate/like in the dreams assisting or hindering my process.

I think I need to over come this fear of exams somehow. In order to grow. I must consume an exam. Just like Kraven the Hunter wants to do for Spider-man.

Thanks to Alex’s hard work we have comics queued up :D

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