Elementary, Watson

Elementary, Watson
Tuesday — February 22nd, 2011

Watson held an exhibition match on Jeopardy yesterday versus Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Watson is a room full of computers made by IBM. It’s primary function is to solve Jeopardy clues and eventually find Sarah Connorbe used in all sorts of cool, non-lethal applications. It’s victory in Jeopardy, though, is probably due more to it’s inhuman response time rather than its superhuman cognitive abilities.

Perl doesn’t know what Jeopardy is. She’s the type of person who’d lose her head if it weren’t screwed on tight.

– Alex


  1. Winnie

    alex! that’s mean! what do you mean perl would lose her head if it wasn’t screwed on tight? lol

  2. Alex

    It’s a turn of phrase. Although I get what you mean; it’s not really her fault for not knowing a pop-culture touchstone.

  3. JackXD

    I hate it when that happens. It happens a lot often than you think.
    And I don’t hate it when it happens only to me, no, to other people as well. Because, at that moment I can actually imagine how it’s like to be him right then.

    P.S. I’m talking about when you don’t know something everyone else does. And then they look at you. And you feel like crap.
    Did I just say to myself that I’m crap?

  4. keroko

    “She’s the type of person who’d lose her head if it weren’t screwed on tight.”

    *looks at Perl’s cosplay*

    Let’s hope it stays that way.

  5. bender

    if i were to make a computer know what countries a city was in, i would
    have a detailed map of the world, with all the cities in the world and
    where they were, and program it to read the map, and recognise borders between
    countries (so it knows where the countries are) Sorta like those little
    GUIs used to write in qbasic. if((mouseX > Lborder) AND (mouseX Tborder) AND (mouseY < BBorder)) THEN …

    But, of course it would be harder than that since country borders are never
    a perfect square. Might use the collision system. (but then again, it's always
    going to be inside 1 border or another… The question is which) I'm sorry,
    i over-analyzed that joke. My bad.

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