E3 2010: Microsoft Kinect Games

E3 2010: Microsoft Kinect Games
Saturday — June 19th, 2010

Everyone’s eager to catch up to where Nintendo was four years ago. Go large businesses! Though, I think Microsoft’s Kinect is at least a bit more creative than Sony’s 3mote^H^H^H^H^HMove. Totally hyped about the 3Ds and Portal 2. GLADoS is as funny as ever.

Tangentially related to our comic, boingboing featured a cool Ada Lovelace t-shirt: Ada Lovelace and friends: ThinkGeek’s women in tech tees

– Alex

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  1. goose

    Why is there the name of my city in the first panel? O_o If it’s an inside joke, it’s too inside for me.

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