Drugs That Give You Superpowers

Drugs That Give You Superpowers
Thursday — July 15th, 2010

Some Asians have a low tolerance for toxic chemicals such as alcohol. It is believed that the reason for “Asian glow” comes from the fact that China discovered drinks such as tea and soups many generations ago. These hot beverages were very effective at killing the bacteria in the water, where as in west they relied on alcoholic beverages to sanitize their water. Over time, people in the west developed higher levels of the enzyme needed to break down alcohol.

After reading the wiki article on this topic I think I’m going to stop drinking as much alcohol. I lack acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and as a result I’m at higher risk for esophageal cancer according to this article.

But I won’t quit before I have some of this amazing 9000 year old beer, ironically from China…



  1. taltamir

    well… unless its steroids.

  2. bender

    let me give you a piece of advice: the same secret to drinking alcahol (responsibility) is the same as it is for drugs. If you know you’re trying to get
    really fucked up tonight, don’t go outside. Make plans supporting it (like food for the munchies, or milk for hangover, if you plan on alcahol too, make sure you have a place to get high. If it’s your house, make sure you got your blinds down, and your friends are not crazy and stupid while high (especially in conservative neighborhoods – fuckin hate those places.) I mean, i’ve only really been drunk and high on weed (wanna try lsd, but don’t know where to get.)

  3. danny

    Sound advice.

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